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Secos da Aldeia
About our Company

A "Flavour with Tradition" is what really characterizes the brand Secos da Aldeia. Keeping an exquisite image and concept, its whole visual identity reveals the trustworthiness, the refinement and tradition of the products.

The wide variety of products it offers allows a better follow-up in the market, emphasizing a new range of healthy food - Seeds and Berries and the Gum’s market segment. This diversifies and adds value to the products the brand develops.

Having its origin in different parts of the world and developing carefully selected products that aim at better quality standards, the brand is also known by the efficient follow-up and dedication put in the products’ processing. This way, it guarantees the one and only flavor of each product.

The brand Secos da Aldeia, was created and aims at continuing the work done under the name Joaquim S. Henriques.